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The Supernatural Studies Club (超常現象研究部 Chōjō Genshō Kenkyū-bu "Paranormal-Phenomenon Studies Club") is the central club of "Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo". The club originally was formed for the classroom for Yamada's and Shiraishi's private kissing place in the school and to search for other witches.



One year prior to the events of the first chapterLeona Miyamura and Haruma Yamazaki were members of the club. But after discovering that the new member of the club, Rika Saionji, was the seventh witch, Haruma Yamazaki told Leona Miyamura to run away from the school. After that, Haruma Yamazaki had his memories wiped by Rika Saionji and Leona Miyamura stayed in her room and did not go back to the school.

One year later, Toranosuke Miyamura joined the Supernatural Studies Club to prevent it from disbanding. Then he convinced Ryu Yamada and Urara Shiraishi to join the club. Miyabi Ito and Kentaro Tsubaki also joined the club.

Current Members

Name Position Reason To Join
Urara Shiraishi President; Third Member A club sounded fun to her and she joined because Yamada joined too.
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Toranosuke Miyamura Vice-President; First Member From keeping the club from dying.
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Ryu Yamada "The Rookie"; Second Member To be able to use the room and Shiraishi would joined it if he did.
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Miyabi Ito Fourth Member She really likes the occult.
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Kentaro Tsubaki Fifth Member Wanted to learn more about the witches and Shiraishi is in the club.
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Hikaru Suzuhara Sixth Member Wanted to learn how to study and make friends.
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Former Members

Name Position Reason To Join
Leona Miyamura President Thought the club was fun overall and enjoyed the company of Yamazaki.
Haruma Yamazaki Vice-President From keeping the club from dying.
Rika Saionji Third Member She was alone, and wanted to be closer to Yamazaki because she had feelings for him.