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Supernatural Studies Club's Restoration Arc

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Seven New Witches Arc

Winter Break Arc

Second Witch War Arc

Stolen Notes Arc

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Recovering the Lost Memories Arc

Second Coming of the Suzaka Fest: A Hot Springs Resort! Everyone Gather Up!

Another of the Suzaku Festival: Sing! Dance! Paranormal Research Department!


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The first set of witches  Urara She knocks on the doors of the Student Council Office, asking if Ryu is there. Midori being in Ryu's body, tells her that she's busy. However she sees through this and passes by Midori as she announces that she is not looking for her, walking to Ryu, revealing their body swapping.[1]

Maria By the end of the day of the Culture Festival, Maria happily claims that she is thankful to have a power of use. Ryu thanks her back, sitting by a wall, She ponders on how many people he had to kiss. She asks if they are even now, he reminds her that she does not have to pay him back for stopping the fire. She then asks him if it is possible to lose her Witch powers, without changing schools. He questions her reasoning, as she tells him that she does not like her power. Due to always knowing what to expect, only being half as happy when she sees a good future, and worse as she sees a bad future, noting how they nearly failed to stop the fire. She also notes that recently witches are targeting her because of her power. She then gives her main reason, wanting to fall in love, without seeing their future every time they kiss. They watch as the festival continues.[2]

One day in the halls, Maria, Meiko and Noa confront Midori in Ryu's body, unaware of their body switching. She asks her to come with her to a sale near the station, before she answers that she is busy.[3]

Meiko On the day of the Culture Festival, Meiko joins the crowd gathered at the Supernatural Studies Club's stand, which is selling Yakisoba Bread. After hearing the price of the sandwhich being 500 yen, the crowd leaves as Meiko stays behind, nervousy sweating. She informs Ryu that no one wants to buy one due to the expensive price. She reminds him that the cafeteria sells them for 140 yen. She and Ryu argue about the both the same. As Ryu checks on the others, she starts quivering in fear as he is enraged that no one is working.[4]

One day in the halls, Meiko, Maria and Noa confront Midori in Ryu's body, unaware of their body switching. She asks her to accompany her to the winter comic market, before she answers that she is busy.[5]

Nene On the day of the Culture Festival, Nene and Ushio notice the Supernatural Studies Club's fortune telling stand, she becomes suspicious. However she decides to buy a sandwhich, making Ushio get his fortune told instead. As he is kicked out, she eats half of her sandwhich, figuring out that they're using Maria's Premonition to see the future, noting on how clever it is. She ponders if Ryu realizes on how many people he will have to kiss, she gives him the rest of her sandwhich as they leave.[6]

Noa On the day of the Culture Festival, she enjoys most it, having gotten a lei, a star headband and some takoyaki. By the end of the day, she is found by Ryu, who asks if Witches can lose their power without having to switch school. She finds his question peculiar, as he leaves, she asks if he wants to take a power away. After he answers, she informs him that there is a way, but it's rather unpleasant.[7]

One day in the halls, Noa, Maria and Meiko confront Midori in Ryu's body, unaware of their body switching. She asks when her free time is, before she answers that she is busy.[8]

139, pages 1- In the office as they need to experiment with Yuri's power, Noa is summoned to the student council office by the council. Although not entirely consent of being the guinea pig, Noa changes her mind since Yamada is here with her and begins to hug her. She then attempts to drag Ryu out of the room to test the power but she is stopped by Nancy since they have to analyze the power carefully as it's the new one. She at first complains but quickly accepts it stating it turns her on. She prepares to kiss him however he uses a strong headbutt on her instead, enraging her in the process and sent him into the wall with a powerful attack. She furiously ask him to inform her if he is not going to kiss him. She is however informed that the she is not under the spell. Shinichi notes if it had to do with the strength of the headbutt, which Ryu chases her while she yells at Shinichi.

148, pages 2- She and Toranosuke glare to Ryu leaving Sora without getting a kiss. She irritably asks how can he be so clumsy. She then asks how it happened, as he tries to explain she 



The second set of witches

Kotori Chapter 104 Sitting with Ryu during lunch, Satori informs him that Kotori was able to read his mind, thus how she was able to find out Nancy's identity.

Nancy chapter 149 pages 13- Later, she finds Ryu near the Handicrafts Clubroom. She informs the two that Mutta is not a witch nor is he under a spell.

139, 2- With the need to test the new witch power in the Student Council Office, she stops Noa from dragging Ryu out of the room since they have to analyze the power carefully as it's the new one. She then informs Ryu that they're ready for him to begin. After he tried to cast the spell on Noa, Toranosuke asks if it worked, she however informs that she's not under the spell.






third set of witches

Ichijo 137, pages After school Masamune and Yuri

Yuri 137, pages After school Yuri and Masamune

Jin After the Student Council gains a new president, he sends an application to become a vice-president. He was later selected to be one of the top five candidates.[9]

Later after school, he was called to wait by the Interview Room, writing his answers on a questionaire. After finishing, he gives it to Ryu, calling him an errand boy. As he sits again, he states that he was spacing out, which angers him. As Ryu asks what he had said, Jin insults him that he can't hear well, making him more useless. He continues to sit in his seat in silence, as the others start chattering.[10]

After gathering information on Kotori. Ryu explains to Jin and Midori the reason why they were asked to do so. He notes that because she carries around a doll, she is considered weird and interesting and that she is popular with some boys, being small and cute. He adds that she is more liked than Ryu, angering him. He argues with Ryu, on how they still don't know Kotori's power. He is then irritted by Ryu's reaction towards the doll Toranosuke sent him. After Kotori finds them he and Midori runs away.[11]

During his interview he acts as his usual self, being described as a rebellious punk Nene and Shinichi.[12]


Witch Killers

Ryu Ryu, sitting with Kotori, is informed via Satori that the former was able to read his mind, thus how she was able to find out Nancy's identity.

chapter 146, pages 5- After hearing her story, he stops her from leaving promising to find a place for her. He explains that he used to be like her, until someone saved him. Explaining why he wants to save her, she blushes and asks how he's going to do it. After he makes a brief explanation of the witches and the Shogi Club to Kaori, she then asks if he can make a place for her using the Mind Control power, which he confidently claims he can.

In the Teacher's Langue, Ryu sits in a chair as a professor berates him for his poor conduct in school. Albeit, Ryu only mumbles to himself and sighs when noted professor announces his grades. As he walks in the halls and thinks to himself about the start of the school year, noting how boring his life has become, two other students converse among one another about his problems. By a flight of stairs, he watches as Urara Shiraishi, a girl whose grades meet no competition, heads upwards. He murmurs to himself comments about her intelligence, he decides to go past her. Meeting her gaze once he comes pass her, he suddenly takes the wrong step, Ryu trips and falls on top of Urara.[13]

In the Clinic, Ryu wakes up [14]

Ushio On the day of the Culture Festival, Ushio and Nene notice the Supernatural Studies Club's fortune telling stabs, he becomes suspicious. As Nene decides to buy a sandwhich, he is pushed by her to get his fortune told instead. He gets in noticing Ryu's outift, they argue as he keeps claiming that he is not Ryu. He is then told to close his eyes as Ryu slowly creeping to kiss him. He notices his breath and opens his eyes as Ryu kisses him. He backs away in disgust, arguing that he had just kissed him. Ryu then reveals his future; getting an indirect kiss from Nene, causing him to blush. He gets kicked out and before leaving, receives Nene's unfinished sandwhich; being the indirect kiss from Nene.[15]



Toranosuke 147, pages 5- The next day he watches as Noa chokes Ryu for helping Kaori, stating that it what makes Ryu himself. after she stops, he notes that they have to revise their strategy for infiltrating the Shogi Club. Afterwards Kaori arrives informing them of her new friend, until Noa argues with her, he questions wether they have really made up. After Kaori states that she will do any one thing they ask her, he gets surprised to hear this and quickly orders her to strip.

148, pages 2- He and Noa glare at Ryu for leaving Sora without getting a kiss. As Noa irritably asks how can he be so clumsy, he jokingly asks if there are banana peels in front of him where ever he goes. He then asks if there's a reason for him to come back without kissing her.

Sid chapter 152, pages  On a monday, he is suprised to find Ryu in the halls with Toranosuke and Noa. He informs Ryu that Nancy had been looking for him, and that she had ordered him to take him by force if necessary, asking him what he had done to anger her.





Miyabi In the Supernatural Studies Club, Miyabi and Kentaro are visited by Midori in Ryu's body, unaware of their body switching. She clings to her, asking him to come with them to the snowy mountains to find a yeti.[16]

Kentaro In the Supernatural Studies Club, Kentaro and Miyabi are visited by Midori in Ryu's body, unaware of their body switching. He hugs her, asking him to come with them to the snowy mountains.[17]



Mutta 150, 2- Days later, he runs as Ryu and Toranosuke try to catch him. He jumps on top a building, laughing at them.



Haruma 104, page 1-3 In the Private Study Room, Haruma hugs Ryu as he had found the Seventh Witch, congradulating him stating that the Student COuncil is safe. He asks him on what she is like, however is confused as he states that he doesn't know much. As he reveals the new witch's name, Nancy, He states that he did not expect the Seventh witch to be like her. Despite this, he states that they need her to be on the Student Council's side.

181 pg 11 The next day, Ryu reveals Leona's feelings for him, causing him to blush. 


181 pg 2-8 As she informs her brother to tie Ryu to a chair, she then orders him to put his hands on the wall. As Ryu and Toranosuke argue, she thretens them to answer what they were planning to do. As they tell her that Haruma wanted to know her feelings for him, she asks if it is only that. After he answers, she calls him a liar and throws a pair of scissors to his left. She retorts on why he could simply have asked her instead. She asks him on what else he is hiding, he answers that Rika requested him to know who Haruma likes adding that she would tell him how to get his friends memories back. After hearing this she asks if that was the reason, to which she laughs afterwards, noting how ridiculous it is. She unties and hugs him, stating she was worried, having thought another witch dilema had started. She then complains that the two had gotten involved with it, informing them to tell Haruma that she likes him. As Toranosuke points out about Rika and Ryu's memories, She tells them that they should tell her, as she is not as mean-spirited to not reveal the method. Ryu asks if she will reciprocrate Haruma's feelings, to which she chuckles and states that she wants to see a smile on everyone's faces.[18]


Male Teacher At the Teacher's Langue, He berates Ryu for his poor conduct in school. When he announces his grades, Ryu only mumbles to himself and sighs. Enraged by this he kicks him out as he tells him to at least pretend he is sorry.[19]

Another of the Suzaku Festival: Sing! Dance! Paranormal Research Department!

Ryu blue hair blue eyes

Urara blonde hair magenta eyes

Miyabi magenta hair orange eyes

Toranosuke silver hair blue eyes

Kentaro green hair yellow-green eyes

Nene lavender hair lavender eyes

Ushio gray and black hair indigo eyes

Meiko green hair blue eyes

Hideaki navy blue hair black eyes

Mitsuru brown hair

Maria pink hair yellow eyes

Noa cyan hair red eyes

Haruma teal hair dark blue eyes

Jun orange hair oraneg eyes

Mikoto indigo hair blue eyes

Karen yellow green hair blue eyes

Shinichi sharktruece hair black eyes

Rika orange hair cyan eyes

Monshiro High students daichi girl with glasses male with glasses girl blonde male spikey hair glasses He was mentioned to be one of the judges for the Suzaku Fest. He along with the rest of the judges are noted to be rather harsh.

genderswap characters

  • *2年B組 '''白石おらら''' (Shiraishi Orara) : class 2-B; Orara Shiraishi

*2年B組 '''山田竜子''' (Yamada Ryūko) : class 2-B; Ryuko Yamada

*超常現象研究部2年 '''伊藤帝''' (Itō Mikado) : Supernatural Studies Club, 2nd year; Mikado Ito

*超常現象研究部2年 '''宮村虎美''' (Miyamura Torami) : Supernatural Studies Club, 2nd year; Torami Miyamura

*生徒会長 3年 '''山崎春乃''' (Yamazaki Haruno) : President of the student council, 3rd year; Haruno Yamazaki

*生徒会秘書 '''飛鳥真琴''' (Asuka Makoto) : Student council secretary; Makoto Asuka

*生徒会副会長 2年 '''小田切芽々''' (Odagiri Meme) : Vice president of the student council, 2nd year; Meme Odagiri

*2年 '''五十嵐潮里''' (Igarashi Shiori) : 2nd year; Shiori Igarashi

*'''大塚''' (Ōtsuka) : Otsuka

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