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  • Suzaku Fest: anime4you
  • Yankee kun crossover:





Restauration of club

  • 7: Ito


  • 98 - 101: Tsubsa Konno: beginning of december 2012
  • 105 - 108: Kotori Moegi
  • 109 - 110 : Aiko Chikushu

Winter break

  • 114 - 118: The Winter Trip

7 new witches

  • 122 - 124: Kurosaki
  • 125 - 126: Rui Takuma
  • The new Witch Power
  • Ab 135: Ushio is the new Witch Thief
  • Ab 137: War it is!
  • Ab 142: Tamaki runs for presidency
  • Ab 147: Sora, 151: Yamada finds out he had a close relationship with her, 154: Yamada decides on getting his memories back, however, Nancy refuses, 155: Sora and thus Nancy give in, but Kotori is left, 157: CEREMONY
  • 157 - 161 MEMORIES 1st year until midterms
  • Ab 166: Ryu is now also a Seventh Witch
  • 168: Yuri tells Rui his reasons
  • 172: Election is over

Being forgotten again

  • 176: Supern. Club and Ryu team up again
  • 182: Asuka's Story
  • 184: Last day of school

The third year

  • 187: hiring members
  • 188 - 194: Hikaru Suzuhara
  • 195 - 197: Alex Spencer
  • 198 - 205: School trip
  • 206: Memories have been erased
  • 207 - 213: Hino
  • 214: Tamaki states he is about to search for the memories
  • 215: Ushio's chapter
  • 216: Yamada has to decide & Shiraishi now knows the destiny
  • 217: study group
  • 218: yamada decided yes!
  • 219 - 222: the sixth Witch
  • 223: convincing yuri
  • 224: the Ceremony
  • 225: organizing the memories

After the ceremony

  • 226 - ...: University
  • 229: What are Witch powers?
  • 232: saving the club
  • 233: Odagiri's epilogue
  • 236: Shiriashi is forgotten
  • 237: Takuma, the middleman
  • 239: Shiraishis past
  • 240: Tono U entrance exam
  • 241: the graduation ceremony!

Nancy's set Steckbriefe

  • Kotori: 178
  • Konno:181
  • Chikushi:182
  • Kikuchi: 184
  • Seishuin: 185
  • Himekawa: 186
  • Nijino: 188


16 6 16 2 10 2

  • Yamada and Shiraishi meet for the first time
  • Shiraishi tells her wish, the first set under Nancy is set up
  • 7.6.11: fight with Ryu&Ushio. Nancy was actually threatened and both guys wanted to help her, but Nancy erased their memory of her. So both ended with different memories, as well as Nene, and Yamada got suspended. Nene and Ushio, however, felt sorry and tried to nclude Ryu in their group (Winter break arc), complete enlightment: Chapter 160
  • Ryu meets Sora with him in the Summer Make Up Test, she introduces him to nancy
  • Somewhen before October: The second Witch set is set up (or not? Nene seems not to know I TAKE THAT BACK in October that she is a Witch when she jouns the handicrafts club.) But Yamazaki finds Rika as the Seventh Witch, and they have been searching for them
  • Around October: Both Nancy&Yamazaki are searching for one Witch set
  • Nene&Ushio join them as everything is cleared up at the end of October (midterms, Chapter 161)
  • Zoo trip: beginning of november 1st year
  • Sora asks Nene&Ushio for advice, then kisses Ryu, sees Urara and begs Nancy to hold a ceremony.
  • Ceremony Nancy-Nancy: erase memories of handicrafts club
  • Leona finds out Rika's power, Yamazaki gets president (November, Ch. 179??)
  • 20.1. 1st year: Ball Game
  • 2.2. 1st year: Ryu asks Urara out for the first time

Second Year

  • Ceremony Council Yamazaki-Rika: to erase the memories because of Takuma's info spreading????? Ch 225: end of first year??
  • 21?.5.12: Ryu and Urara fall down the stairs
  • Ceremony Ryu-Rika: 20.10. called by yamazaki (ch.80) 2012, 2nd year.
    • 7.10.??: (ch.170, diary) Ryu asks Urara out for the second time

Yuri meets Ushio, (Asuka too 178), cause he knows him from Soras stories. They team up, Yuri as a witch knows Rui. Latter out of interest helps the Shogi Club. They use Ichijo.

  • 2.12.12: date with Konno
  • ...
  • The Japanese Chess club wants to hold a ceremony with Ruis Witches to destroy the current relationships
  • 8.2. 2nd year: Election. Second Witch War ends. Tamaki still is a Witch Killer (ch. 172, no memories erased)
    • Ryu asks Urara out for the third time
  • Ando's diary (Ch. 179): Monday 20th can only be august 2012, when Miyamura was no president

Third year (ch. 187)

  • 218 term tests before holidays
  • Ceremony Tamaki - Takuma
  • 232 summer break is over, Noa gets club president
  • 238: learning, many months, until 24.2.14


Name of the chairperson: 土生田 すみれ (Tochiuda Sumire)

Powers which work through a medium would work otherwise through kissing.

  • Moegi: verified, mind-reading works one-way because of the mediun
  • Chikushi: maybe that way she can change the future, because she is not yet involved in it
  • Ichijo: maybe it would be much stronger and/or controllable for him

Do witch powers of one group work on the other ones? Amnesia does. (Chapter 127)

Rui can see human relationships? (Ch. 126?) And can lift his witches' spells? (Ch 129)

Odagiri & Yamada's Relationship: She loves him because she thinks he saved her back then? Or is it like Tsubaki and Shiraishi, that he does not notice her like all the others? (Ch. 133)

  • Thats also why Nancy likes him
  • Or just because he actually kissed her back then (1st year, in memory dive to get back to the present)

Why did Yuri let Yamada try his power?

The Amnesia power sure is the weirdest power. Who can use it on whom and to which extent? And when are you immune?

Tue & Thu are switched. (Ch. 132 & 179)

Yuri and Takuma are connected (Ch. 188)

With Memory Dive, you don't change the present ("I was reborn", 211). But why does Hino hate Yamada in 212 suddenly? Maybe because she remembers that bad kiss from back then

When did Tamaki lose his power? (222: at the first ceremony, but he remembered yamada throughout the second)

Now when were the two witch sets set up? Shiraishi became a witch with the contract (239), but nancy has been one since at least june 1st year. So Yamazaki surely (and cause rika) cant have set up one of the sets. But why are there two sets?

The witches were in rotation for seven years? (chapter 60)

7th witch: "If I use my power on a witch, you'll end up forgetting all about me" ~nancy, ch.104


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  • Pluralize Ability

Yankee kun

  • 1 - 22: Year 1
    • several side quests
  • 30 - ...: Student Council
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