Volume 11
Volume 11
Cover Character(s): Urara Shiraishi
Ryu Yamada
Release Date: March 17, 2014
Price: ¥ 450
ISBN: 978-4-06-395011-3
Volume 10
Volume 12

Volume 11 of Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo contains chapters 86 to 94 and was released on March 17, 2014.


Chapter 86

Weakling!!! is the 1st chapter in Volume 11.

After capturing Mikoto and returning Urara back to normal, all seven Witches gather at Suzaku High School to perform the ceremony, with Ryu and Shinichi present.

Chapter 87

What If We Get Cursed?! is the 2nd chapter in Volume 11.

With all of the Witches gathered, Ryu begins the ceremony, while Haruma is there to witness it. However, once all of the Witches close their eyes, time seems to of had stopped, except for Rika and him.

Chapter 88

Is That Commonly Known? is the 3rd chapter in Volume 11.

After making his wish, Ryu finds himself returning to the Supernatural Studies Club, where the members greet him back with open arms.

Chapter 89

No-Underwear Policy!! is the 4th chapter in Volume 11.

After reuniting with the member of the Supernatural Studies Club, Ryu gathers everyone who knows about the Witches, telling them that his wish was for all of the Witch powers to disappear from Suzaku High School. They support his decision, but Ryu seeks Urara out, asking to speak to her in private.

Chapter 90

Downright Awful! is the 5th chapter in Volume 11.

Ryu confesses his love to Urara, who returns his feelings. They share their first kiss a boyfriend and girlfriend, while a happy Nene looks on with a smile on her face.

Chapter 91

Tempura Again! is the 6th chapter in Volume 11.

Despite going out for one week, Ryu finds that he is not able to spend any alone time with Urara, leading him to ask Shinichi for help. Meanwhile, Toranosuke has already picked his secretary, and is thinking about who he will pick as vice president.

Chapter 92

Tea! is the 7th chapter in Volume 11.

Toranosuke, as the new Student Council President, elects Ryu as his secretary, and asks Nene and Shinichi to work under him. The group then moves towards electing two, new Vice-Presidents, with five applicants in line.

Chapter 93

In Front is the 8th chapter in Volume 11.

Heading out to buy a book with Urara, Ryu is interrupted by Jin and Midori, who are eager to know if they got elected.

Chapter 94

Shrimp! is the 9th chapter in Volume 11.

After revealing to Jin and Midori that they are the two new Vice Presidents, Toranosuke takes out a pile of paper work that must be completed before the day ends, as they will be going on the Student Council trip the following day.



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