Volume 12
Volume 12
Cover Character(s): Kentaro Tsubaki
Miyabi Ito
Release Date: May 16, 2014
Price: ¥ 450
ISBN: 978-4-06-395080-9
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Volume 13

Volume 12 of Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo contains chapters 95 to 102 and was released on May 16, 2014.


Chapter 95

Staaare is the 1st chapter in Volume 12.

After arriving at the clubhouse and cleaning it up, Haruma reveals to Ryu and the others that a new set of Seven Witches has been born. They decide to search after them, targeting Midori as Rika suggested.

Chapter 96

Like a Ninja is the 2nd chapter in Volume 12.

Deciding that they should first build a shield around the Student Council, Toranosuke announces that they will be searching for their first Witch. However, not before asking Urara if she is okay with Ryu kissing other girls.

Chapter 97

Susshi is the 3rd chapter in Volume 12.

Taking the day off, Ryu heads to the Supernatural Studies Club, where Noa tells him that the second volume of Witch notes is missing. She also reveals to him that she has found one of the new Witches, but will not tell him unless he accepts to kiss her.

Chapter 98

Her Jugs are Ginormous! is the 4th chapter in Volume 12.

After reporting the news to the Student Council, Ryu is asked to bring Tsubasa to the office, but once he does, she refuses to put him under her spell. That leads Ryu to denote something seems off, following her and witnessing something different from Nene's Charm power.

Chapter 99

Care for a Bean-Jam Bun? is the 5th chapter in Volume 12.

Nene wants to understand Tsubasa's power, which leads her to watch the Witch from afar. Meanwhile, Jin and Midori show Ryu and Shinichi possible Witches.

Chapter 100

Really pissed off is the 6th chapter in Volume 12.

Nene and Ryu confront Tsubasa, to no avail. However, the former refuses to give up, which leads the Witch to put her under the Submission power. Becoming aware of this, Toranosuke begins to take action.

Chapter 101

Take Care is the 7th chapter in Volume 21.

To help Tsubasa out, Ryu takes her out on a date.

Chapter 102

See what his real intentions are! is the 8th chapter in Volume 12.

Ryu resolves Tsubasa's actions, however it attracts some unwanted attention from two students.



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