Volume 13
Volume 13
Cover Character(s): Sid
Kotori Moegi
Aiko Chikushi
Tsubasa Konno
Release Date: July 17, 2014
Price: ¥ 450
ISBN: 978-4-06-395126-4
Volume 12
Volume 14

Volume 13 of Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo contains chapters 103 to 110 and was released on July 17, 2014.


Chapter 103

Google it Later! is the 1st chapter in Volume 13.

Ryu asks Nancy to cooperate with the Student Council after discovering that she is the Seventh Witch, however she declines. Subsequently Ryu decides to investigate on his own without involving the Student Council.

Chapter 104

Going Commando as a Hobby is the 2nd chapter in Volume 13.

Ryu heads out to find information on Nancy, and makes a plan of action as she has found another Witch.

Chapter 105

Showwie!! is the 3rd chapter in Volume 13.

After being told about the new Witch Kotori, Ryu quickly investigates her, using Shoba as a way to communicate with her. Albeit, when he is not able to copy her power via an indirect kiss, he asks Jin and Midori for help, while he heads off to question Karen; a conversation which allows him to realize Kotori's power.

Chapter 106

She's Got a Dirty Mind is the 4th chapter in Volume 13.

Nancy accepts Ryu as one of them, but before they can meet up and talk, Kotori and Satori appear before Ryu, reminding him that he promised to play with them after school. As they play, Urara comes along and is placed under Kotori's spell; leading Ryu to ask for a kiss from the Witch.

Chapter 107

He Looks Bored is the 5th chapter in Volume 13.

After copying Kotori's power, Ryu is consumed by it and uses the power to read the minds of those that surround him. However, Nancy appears and claims that she will stop him, eventually allowing him to realize his own actions.

Chapter 108

A Sorta Bittersweet Alliance is the 6th chapter in Volume 13.

After sorting things out with Kotori, Ryu intends to search for the other Witches, but Nancy refuses to give him any names. Albeit, Sid eventually understands Ryu, leading him to reveal the whereabouts of a Witch.

Chapter 109

The Masked JK is the 7th chapter in Volume 13.

Ryu is not able to kiss Aiko due to the massive amount of money she requests for a kiss. Albeit, a sudden situation allows him to work out a deal with her.

Chapter 110

Lame... is the 8th chapter in Volume 13.

After helping Aiko on several missions, Ryu is told that this will be the last time they work together, as she lands a kiss on his lips and erases Kotori's power. At the same time, Toranosuke appears and reveals a shocking discovery to Ryu regarding the Seven Witches.



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