Volume 4
Volume 4
Cover Character(s): Meiko Otsuka
Release Date: 17 Dec 2012
Price: ¥ 450
ISBN: 978-4-06-384789-5
Volume 3
Volume 5

Volume 4 of Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo contains chapters 26 to 34.

Chapter 26

Egads, Man! is the first chapter in Volume 4.

Miyamura and Ito are still charmed by Yamada on the second day. He still has remedial lessons and needs Odagiri to cancel out his power. Shiraishi agrees to switch bodies with Yamada, since she's had enough fun yesterday. Ito, Miyamura, and Yamada goes to the beach. Miyamura explains that things wouldn't be as interesting without Yamada. Back in the remedial class, Shiraishi (as Yamada) answers questions correctly, much to Kameda, Tsurukawa, and Otsuka's bewilderment, and is very kind to them. Tsurukawa and Kameda suggets that they have Yamada enter their circle. They leave the rest to Otsuka. Otsuka asks Shiraishi (still as Yamada) to be her friend, and when Shiraishi accepts, Otsuka kisses Shiraishi. Back in the Supernatural Studies Club's room, Yamada and Shiraishi switch back, even though she hasn't finished the remedial lessons yet. Shiraishi asks a bunch of questions, and she concludes that Meiko Otsuka is a witch.

Chapter 27

Bwooong is the second chapter in Volume 4.

Odagiri and Ushio have arrived at the Clubhouse. They are looking for the teacher with the key to the clubroom, but they know what's keeping the teacher so long. Meanwhile, Shiraishi's conclusion shocks the group, but it makes sense after all the evidence. They wonder what kind of power Otsuka has. Shiraishi tells him to stay in his own body and take the exam, much to Yamada's disappointment. In the remedial room, Otsuka apologizes to him and to pass the exam together. Yamada wonders on what she meant by that. The four fails miserably. Yamada asks Otsuka what she had done to him, but she won't tell him. She leaves the room, but suddenyl, Ushio and Odagiri enters. Yamada asks Odagiri to kiss her, and Odagiri realizes why he's in such a hurry after she visits their room. Ushio and Odagiri reveals that they are also looking for Volume 2 and that the teacher with the key will only come to the Clubhouse if the make-up exams are over. Yamada sweats that it means that all four of them need to pass it to get the key. Yamada recalls Otsuka telling him to pass the exam together. Shiraishi tells him to kiss Otsuka.

Chapter 28

Fwish Fwish is the third chapter in Volume 4.

Chapter 29

Recruit! is the fourth chapter in Volume 4.

Chapter 30

Boobs is the fifth chapter in Volume 4.

Chapter 31

Odagiri's Boobs is the sixth chapter in Volume 4.

Chapter 32

Fssst Pop Pop is the seventh chapter in Volume 4.

Chapter 33

Santa Came Early! is the eighth chapter in Volume 4.

Chapter 34

You Want to be Compensated Sexually, Right? is the last chapter in Volume 4.

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