Volume 6
Volume 6
Cover Character(s): Noa Takigawa
Release Date: April 17, 2013
Price: ¥ 450
ISBN: 978-4-06-384857-1
Volume 5
Volume 7

Volume 6 of Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo contains chapters 44 to 51 and was released on April 17, 2013.


Chapter 44

Fuck Off, Stalker is the 1st chapter in Volume 6.

The Supernatural Studies Club members, along with Ushio and Nene, look for the members of Noa's group, but ultimately end up with no leads on the Witch. However, the following morning, the Supernatural Studies Club room has been rampaged, leading Ryu to question Haruma in his office.

Chapter 45

Santa Must Really Love Me! is the 2nd chapter in Volume 6.

After being told that Noa intends to have the Witches expelled, Ryu warns the other Witches of what is happening, telling them not to use their powers. At the same time, they begin to ponder their next move; their goal being the second volume of Witch notes in Noa's possession.

Chapter 46

Don't Screw With a Jealous Woman! is the 3rd chapter in Volume 6.

Saeko attains the motivation she needs after discovering that Urara is a Witch: she decides to switch bodies with her and get her expelled. However, when she does, they are shocked upon Ryu revealing to of had switched with Urara beforehand.

Chapter 47

Pok is the 4th chapter in Volume 6.

After Saeko, Ren and Keigo refuse to talk, Ryu states that it is time for Plan B, which involves Toranosuke and Kentaro; they will swap bodies with Ren and Keigo. When they do, the trio heads out to confront Noa and discover her Witch Power.

Chapter 48

Learn the Truth! is the 5th chapter in Volume 6.

After Ryu denies all of Noa offers, they head back to the club room and discuss what they will do next. When they mention the use of the Charm power to disband Noa's little group, Saeko voices her displeasure and claims that she will talk to Noa and get her to back down.

Chapter 49

Holy Crap, Yamada! is the 6th chapter in Volume 6.

Discovering that Noa's power allows her to gaze into someone's past, Ryu confronts her and tells her that he is here to help her. Noa accepts his help, begging him to help her friends.

Chapter 50

Typical is the 7th chapter in Volume 6.

After Ryu tells Noa that he will help her with her troubles, the latter reveals her true Witch powers to the Supernatural Studies Club. Shortly afterwards, Saeko and the others ambush Ryu, taking him elsewhere to question him.

Chapter 51

It Comes with a Condition is the 8th chapter in Volume 6.

After confronting Saeko, Ren and Keigo, Ryu expresses that he does not know how to help Noa. The next day, however, the trio has made up their mind and decides to go their separate ways, but openly welcome Noa to their usual hangout spot. While at the same time, Haruma ponders his final problem.



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