Volume 9
Volume 9
Cover Character(s): Rika Saionji
Release Date: September 17, 2013
Price: ¥ 450
ISBN: 978-4-06-394928-5
Volume 8
Volume 10

Volume 9 of Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo contains chapters 70 to 76 and was released on September 17, 2013.


Chapter 70

Could It Be Me?!! is the 1st chapter in Volume 9.

Urara's answer leaves Ryu wondering who the person she loves could be. When he comes across Miyabi, he realizes that, in Urara's memories, he is replaced with other people. Eventually, he tells Shinichi that he will join forces with him to take down the Student Council.

Chapter 71

Charge! is the 2nd chapter in Volume 9.

After discovering that the memories are gone for good, Ryu and Shinichi are approached by Nene, the Charm Witch, who is aware of his conversation with Urara.

Chapter 72

Eek! A Bug! is the 3rd chapter in Volume 9.

Nene organizes a personal meeting with Ryu, but he claims that he will not go. They eventually head towards their last resort and speak to Toranosuke, but end up getting rejected half way. By the end of the day, Nene awaits for Ryu outside, and once they kiss, Urara is there to witness it.

Chapter 73

Someplace We Can Really Be Alone is the 4th chapter in Volume 9.

Ryu tries to remind Urara of their adventures together. However, nothing changes. By the end of the day, Nene locates Ryu and lands a kiss on his lips, seemingly allowing Ryu to realize that her memories have returned.

Chapter 74

You're A Real Creep! is the 5th chapter in Volume 9.

With her memories now back, Nene is updated, including the fact that Toranosuke will be the next Student Council President. Noted fact leads her to disband her group, and reveal to Ushio that she will go after what she really wants, without the use of her power.

Chapter 75

Pretty Romantic, Isn't it? is the 6th chapter in Volume 9.

With Nene by their side, Ryu and Shinichi are able to visit Leona, who informs them of something rather interesting. Meanwhile, Rika plans her next attack.

Chapter 76

You Still Want To Kiss, Huh? is the 7th chapter in Volume 9.

After realizing that Ryu and the others are up to something, Haruma tries his very best to prevent the Witches from remembering Ryu. However, after school, Urara asks Ryu for a kiss, while Nene is offered a deal by Haruma.



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