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Witch Killers
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Yamada, the first witch killer introduced.


Witch Killers

Witch Killers are another main plot in the manga, "Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo".


Witch Killers, like the seven witches, are students from Suzuku high, each one of them inherit a different unique special power passed by generation within the school, its said that they gained those special powers by their desires, but its unknown how they got it. Like the witches, all the Witch Killers known so far use their ability through kissing but may also gaining the power through other means depending on each witches e.g. Ryu Yamada copies Yuri Miura 's power through headbutt instead of kissing.

 However, copying the seventh witch's power is possible only through kissing instead of hand contact. So far, all of them are male.


So far, little is known about the Witch Killers more so than about the witches since they weren't recorded in any notes about the witches nor born from any sort of ceremony. The two known Witch Killers so far, Ryu Yamada and Shinichi Tamaki, shares common in their friendless background since entered Suzaku Highschool and had little to no social life prior the story. This also appears to apply to Ushio Igarashi as well.

It is revealed later on that Ryu was not a Witch Killer at the start of the first year but became sometimes after Nancy erased his memory at Sora's request before he first met with Urara. Likewise, Ushio wasn't a Witch Killer until sometimes after the new witches were born or after the second ceremony.


Name Ability


Ryu Yamada Duplication (Copy) Yamada replicates witches powers.
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Shinichi Tamaki Plunder (Steal), Grasp (Hold) and Return[1] Tamaki is able to steal other witches powers, use them as his own, as well as return those to their respective witches. However, if he kisses another witch while still having witch power, the previous one will not return to the original owner but a new witch will be born instead.
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Ushio Igarashi Plunder (Steal), Grasp (Hold) and Return Ushio is able to steal other witches powers, and use them as his own. He is later revealed to be able to return the powers to their respective witches.
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Similar to the Witches the abilities of the Witch Killers seems to vary among each of them. 

Immunity against Witch Power

All of the Witch Killers are unaffected by Witch Power. 


By kissing (or contacting the way that witch's power is used) a witch, a Witch Killer can copy his/her power while having the same power used on his/her at the same time. A Witch Killer can only copy one power at time and the power will be overwritten if he obtains another witch's power. 


By kissing (or contacting the way that witch's power is used) a witch, a Witch Killer can take over his/her power, rendering that witch powerless. Also, all the power that the witch used on other people is also nullified.


A Witch Killer can hold on a witch's power, although only one at time. If a new power is obtained, the previous power won't return to the original owner but a new witch will be born instead.


By kissing (or contacting the way that witch's power is used) a witch that is the original owner of the power, the Witch Killer's current power will be returned to the witch. 


  • Originally, Ryu Yamada was thought to be a witch, but later they found out there are more than just witches. Upon meeting Shinichi Tamaki, he was categorized to be a Witch Killer.


  1. The official name for this one is not yet announced.