Witch Locating
Witch Locating



Haruma Yamazaki (formerly)
Sid (formerly)
Noa Takigawa
The Presidentess (formerly)
Toranosuke Miyamura (formerly)
former student council presidents (formerly)

Witch Location is a Spotter Power.


This power allows the user to find the locations of the witches and witch killers with stolen or copied powers from the seventh witch's set. The user sees an outline of the entire campus, with the witches represented as dots. The user is able to tell the witches apart from each other while doing so.[1] They can differentiate the witches by the color and aura they appear, such as a murky black glow with an eerie vibe representing Dark Takuma, with a white glow for Rui.[2]

Their radar may unintentionally detect other witches from a different set, if the user recognizes said witches already, first by seeing them as a vague signal.[3]


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